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Waiter hands the bill to Balu,he tries to flee,waiters grab him,Sikander Tevar and children tease him and leave. Tevar says it absolutely was a good plan, Sikander tells the concept was impressed from a picture show,amyra says you’re terribly naughty,Kulfi asks Tevar was he naughty too,Tevar says no he wears terribly studious and needed to be engineer,Amyra asks why engineer,Tevar says my daughters mamma admired cash and then to earn I turned to music,Kulfi says impractical,are you actually talking concerning my mamma,Sikander thinks i would like to divert the subject,and says it’s fathers girl day and then no mother speak.
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Written: Sahana Bajpaie, Faizal Aziz, Lakshmi Jayakumar, Swechchha Singh, Gul Khan 
Dialogues: Divya Sharma, Aparjit Sinha 
Dialogues: Divya Sharma, Aparjit Sinha 
Music: Shashank Kunwar, Shaheen Iqbal, Satya Sharma 

Director: Pradeep Yadav 
Starring: Aakriti Sharma, Mohit Malik, Anjali Anand, Myra Singh, Vishal Aditya Singh 

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Watch online kullfi kumarr bajewal  drama  dialogues

Tevar: Inpector saab humein jane dijiye na.. hamari bitiya lodge mein intajaar kar rahi hoga.. 7 saal ki bitiya hai hamari… whan nahi honge toh darr jayegi wo.. hum usko le ke aa jate hain uske baad aapko jo karwahi karni hai kar lijiye.. plz sir.. 

Inspector: 7 saal ki bachchi! 7 saal ki bachchi ka tumahare pichhe kya hoga.. ye kanoon ko hath mein lene se pehale sochna tha… gair jimedarana baap kahika. 

Kulfi: jhuthe.. jhuthe jhuthe baphite 
Kulfi: Aap jhuth kyun bol rahe ho police wale chachu. 

Kulfi: Main ekdum changi hoon baba.. police wale chchu se baat karti hoon.. 

 kullfi kumarr Best Episode

Kulfi: police wale chachu aap kud mujhe batao.. mere baba ne bola tha ki main 

Kulfi: Jimmedari.. aisa lagta hai jaise kisi moti gatri ka naam ho.. sir pe rakh lo toh kandhe dukh jaay.. 

Kulfi: Par mera naam toh kulfi hai ji.. papa ke liye main moti tagadi gatri nahi hoon polish wale 
chachu.. unke liye main sirf kulfi hoon.. unki bitiya. 
Kulfi: Papa to kaam dhundhne gaye the.. main hi unko bina bataye phurr ho gayi 
Kulfi: Baba aajkal bahut paresaan hain.. lekin wo kitne bhi paresaan

Two women return on bike,they get excited to envision Tevar and Sikander and go hug them,and start clicking selfies, amyra and kulfi fund it odd, Kulfi says Ohio look the sweet potatoes and therefore the noodles ar burning, women provide them sandwiches and tea. Sikander and Tevar give thanks them, women say it’s a dream to own lunch date with you,amyra says it’s pa girl date,girls say Ohio you’re terribly cute and what is going to we’ve reciprocally,amyra and kulfi provide toys,girls say you’re terribly cute we could be a part of you and have a celebration,and some dance,amyra says done and starts diversion with Tevar,Sikander watches them dance and is in tears, Kulfi holds sikanders hand and starts diversion,Sikander look amyra and feeling unhealthy, pretty keeping a watch on them.Girls be a part of them Dance, pretty says what do these consider themselves.

Amyra and kulfi jealous seeing them fancy with women, Kulfi says forget them let’s go rest, amyra and kulfi chatting,amyra teaches her to write down,Kulfi asks her to show the way to write Sikander Nimrat and Tevar. pretty appearance at Sikander and says thus busy with women he has no plan wherever amyra is. Kulfi writes Sikander Tevar Nimrat, Kulfi says what I even have seen these names somewhere and remembers the paper.

ho.. meri har chhoti se chhoti baat ka dhayan rakhte hain. 

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